How does it work?

Our approach is to maintain a straightforward strategy. By following our four-step process, you can elevate your project to the next level.

Step 1

Create Your Design Projects

You can start by filling out a form detailing what your design requirements are. This allows you to create multiple projects and arrange them in sequence.
What Kind of Designs Can I Request?
You can request almost any type of print or digital graphic, ranging from advertisements and marketing materials to logos and designs for websites or apps. The possibilities are virtually endless.
How Many Different Projects Can I Create?
There is no limit to the number of design projects one can submit. However, the number of projects that can be worked on simultaneously depends on the specific plan chosen. For instance, some plans may allow multiple projects to be worked on at once, while others may only allow one project at a time.

Step 2

We Start Doing Your Design

Our design service provides an exceptional client experience with quick turnaround times of less than one business day for simple designs. For more complex projects, we offer daily updates to ensure you are kept up-to-date with progress. Our team is committed to providing a friendly and enjoyable experience for our clients.
How Many Designs Can I Get in One Day?

If your project is relatively straightforward, you can expect it to be completed within 12 hours or less. However, the turnaround time for more complex projects can vary greatly. For instance, a one-minute animated explainer video typically takes between 7 to15 days to complete, whereas an infographic may require only less than 12 hours. By subscribing to Pixmax, you will be allocated 2 hours of daily design time from your designated Pixmax designer.

Can I Extend My Daily Design Work Hours?

Yes, you can. Our website allows you to add additional Pixmax subscriptions once you’ve signed up. With each subscription, you will receive a daily design allotment of 2 hours.

Step 3

Review & Revision

When we’ve finished your design, please review it on your own and let us know if you have any further suggestions for making it more colourful. We make sure to make various modifications to your design because our clients’ satisfaction is how we measure our success.
What Is the Average Time a Revision Takes?
It takes 24 hours for revisions to be completed.
What Happens If I Am Dissatisfied with My Designer?
If you believe that the style of the designer assigned to you is not in line with the aesthetic of your brand, you can let us know. We will replace them with another designer who is more compatible with your brand’s visual identity.

Step 4

Download & Begin Your Next Project

Once you are satisfied with your design, you can download your high-resolution images, along with the source files, instantly with just one click. Meanwhile, we will promptly initiate the next project in your queue on the same day.

Are My Files Stored on Pixmax?

All of your files will be securely stored on PixMax and can be accessed upon request.

What Types of Files Are Offered by Pixmax?
A wide range of file formats are available, including Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, and many more.