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Product label Design - Custom Plan

Product label Design - Custom Plan
Custom Plan
Product label Design - Custom Plan

Are you looking for a Product Label Design? Get a custom quote and let us find the right solution for you and your business.

What can I expect?

  • A brief conversation to assess how Pixmax design team can improve your project.
  • Custom pricing plan to fit your needs perfectly.
  • No upfront fee or financial commitment is required.

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What's include

Design ConceptsUnlimited
Design RevisionsUnlimited
Turn around timeImmediate
Output File
FormatsPDF, Illustrator
Print ReadyYes
Pixmax Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Satisfaction Guarantee100%
Account MangerYes
Dedicated Design TeamYes
Life Time Master File StorageYes

Pixmax Design

Our Approach To Graphic Design

To start the graphic design process, Pixmax likes to dig in and learn as much about your vision, business objectives and the message you need to communicate when you go to market.

A typical design project begins with a research and strategy session. We'll talk about design aesthetics, colour palettes, fonts. We'll discuss the medium and platform the project will be presented in - designing for video is much different than designing for print - we'll consider your timelines and the audience you need to communicate to and working together we will offer a foundation of concepts that will exemplify your brand and set you apart from your competition. Essentially, we will create meaningful, memorable design you'll be proud to showcase.