Branding Your Company with a Logo

The key to “branding” is perception. What other people think about your brand, how they feel about it, and most importantly, how they perceive it. Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room, as Jeff Bezos famously said. You see, reputation and perception are the two main components of a brand.

And your logo design can control and manage both of these things.

Positive brand perception can be influenced by having a well-made, visually appealing logo. It triggers positive feelings, elicits positive emotions, and encourages people to connect them with satisfying feelings. Repetition is one way that a strong logo aids in the development of a brand. These positive feelings will be reinforced and strengthened to a greater extent the more “available” your logo is, the more people see it everywhere. And this method is referred to as brand building.

Building a strong brand can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on how successful your branding strategy is. As a result, you must start off on the right foot and work hard every day. Put your logo on everything. Include its colors in all of your marketing and communication efforts, including promotions. Put your brand’s personality into action and encourage interaction.

Below are five simple suggestions for using your logo design to strengthen your brand.

Display on Your Website and Social Media.

Online is where you should start establishing your brand. It is affordable, has a wide audience, and can deliver quick results. Even if you run a small business, like a wedding photography studio, a photography logo is essential for developing your brand online.

On your website, place your logo prominently on display, particularly above the fold and on landing pages. Keep the color scheme of your website design consistent with the colors used in your brand logo. The primary color or the main color should not change even if you use more colors on your website than in your logo.

This is done so that you can give your customers a uniform and consistent experience using the colors in your logo. Your company’s logo ought to be the first thing they think of whenever they see those colors. Similar to how we react when we see the red and yellow of McDonald’s. Additionally, use your logo as the profile picture on all of your social media. Make sure your logo is visible and set as your display picture every time you interact with customers on a social network. Customers will start to recognize your brand more consistently if they see it repeatedly and everywhere they go.

Make It a Part of All of Your Communications.

Keeping with the previous point, your logo should appear in all of your communications, whether they are made online or offline, in order to effectively develop your brand. Therefore, be sure that your logo is displayed on all of the stationery you can think of, including business cards, letterheads, notepads, and office envelopes.

It should also be included in your email communications. Make them a requirement for all official communications by including them at the top of the email body. They need to be included in your email newsletter, your marketing emails, and every official email you send.

Must Add On Your Product and Packaging.

Two more places where you must consistently use your logo to promote your brand are your product and packaging

Look at well-known companies like Nike and Coca-Cola, and you’ll notice that their logos or variations of them are always present on each and every one of their products. This is free marketing. While you might be in a line of work where you can’t print your logo directly on the product for instance food, packaging is always an excellent substitute.

The logo should be prominently displayed on all cartons, bags, and boxes you use to deliver your product to customers. There are a few different ways to design your logo on your packaging, including printing it directly on the boxes or bags, using stickers that can be adhered to the boxes or creating a complete brand experience by molding the packaging into the shape of the goods or services you offer.

Include It in the Decoration of Your Shop.

While it is necessary to display your logo on your storefront, you shouldn’t think that hanging it outside the business will do the trick. Your store’s logo needs to be a permanent fixture both inside and outside in order for it to work for you truly.

Put your logo on everything you can think of, including staff uniforms, company vehicles, doors, shelves, stands, and other pieces of furniture and equipment. Decorate your physical store with your logo’s color scheme, just like you would your website. Make sure your primary logo color is prominent in the store. Also, make sure it is worn by your staff and incorporated into the design of your products.

You can build a brand that people can easily recall and that will firmly establish you in the market by displaying your logo frequently and consistently.

Advertise It in Your Marketing Materials.

Promotion is crucial for brand development. So far, everything we’ve talked about has been related to business operations. We will now discuss fully promoting and marketing your brand.

Your logo design needs to be at the heart of every communication, whether it be through PPC ads, social media ads, traditional advertisements, marketing campaigns, or other promotional efforts. If your logo is missing from your marketing materials, you should consider it incomplete and possibly damaging to your brand. Print it on your t-shirts, promotional items, brochures, banners, and anything else that comes to mind, including coffee mugs, pens, tissue paper, and tissue boxes.

Over to You

Whether you run a retail store, a pet store, or a creative photography studio, think of your logo as the cornerstone of all your branding efforts. It advances your brand and greatly aids in the development of your brand.

We hope the advice we’ve provided here will help you establish a strong brand with a solid foundation and serve as a jumping-off point for a larger branding strategy.

Call us at +1 to learn more about how our logo design services can benefit your business. Solutions to improve your brand’s recognition can be discussed with our experts in logo design.

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Feb 20, 2023



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