Professional Web Design Service

Our web design solutions are tailored to fit businesses of all sizes and are proven to be effective. Our expert team can help you create websites that engage with your customers and boost your revenue.

Maintaining a strong connection with your customers and prospects is vital to growing your business and reaching new markets in the digital age. With a staggering 4.57 billion active internet users globally, comprising 59% of the world’s population, establishing a robust online presence has become increasingly critical. According to research, 53% of users conduct online brand research before making any engagement to ensure they make informed decisions.

Our services encompass a comprehensive range of assets, including digital graphics designs like Facebook ads and social media posts, as well as print collateral and more, to help you achieve your business goals.

Web Design Pricing

Our pricing is simple and tailored to meet the needs of your business.




What you get with Startup plan:

4 Pages

.in Domain Name

5 Email Id

Hosting Included

14-day money back guarantee

All prices are in USD



What you get with Pro plan:

12 Pages

.com Domain Name

5 Email Id

Hosting Included

14-day money back guarantee

All prices are in USD




What you get with Unlimited plan:

Unlimited Pages

.com Domain Name

5 Email Id

Unlimited Hosting Included

30-day money back guarantee

All prices are in USD

What Makes Pixmax Awesome

Pay Attention to Every Detail

We pay close attention to every crucial detail in every project we undertake. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that clients receive real-time updates, which are efficiently managed by a dedicated Project Manager.

Controlled Environment

The Pixmax approach involves implementing the most effective methods to monitor and enhance the speed, stability, and performance of your websites on the internet. This provides you with a convenient way to ensure your website files are up-to-date with sufficient uptime.

Designed by Designers

We have a team of skilled web flow designers who are experts in their field. With their expertise, we are able to create websites that are not only functional but also enjoyable for your users.

Enhanced Design

Our creative team’s support and energy enable us to create custom and unique designs, which may include creative photographs that are exclusively ours. These designs can provide your website and business with the desired identity.

Fast Launch

By hiring Pixmax’s website designers, you can have your website launched with high-quality designs in a matter of weeks instead of months.


At Pixmax, our team of experts can provide you with support and guidance throughout the process of producing marketing materials and optimizing your website for search engines (SEO).

Empowering the Biggest in the Business

Our Plans Come With

Custom Design

Responsive Design

Unlimited Bandwidth

Powered by WordPress

SEO Friendly

SSL Certificate

Analytics Integration

Money Back Guarantee

24/7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Websites Do You Design?
Our design and development services cater to businesses and organizations of any type. Whether you need a basic informational website with just a few pages or a more complex site with a gallery, catalog, and various functionalities, we can custom-build a website that best suits your business needs.
Can You Design E-Commerce Sites?
We offer tailored programming solutions to meet the unique needs of any enterprise. Our team can custom-program your website and functionalities to ensure they align with your specific needs and requirements.
Are You Able to Provide Custom Programming Services?

We have the ability to accommodate any website functionality that you require. Simply inform us of your goals and what you wish to achieve with your website, and we will assist you in designing and building a custom solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

What Is a Revision?

A revision refers to any modification made to the website’s design or programming. Mistakes made on our part do not count as a revision. Each web design package comes with a predetermined number of revisions included in the price, and minor adjustments can be consolidated into a single revision.

What Is the Process for Getting Samples and How Do I View Them?

Typically, it takes approximately seven business days for us to prepare design samples after we have received your order, payment, and all relevant information and materials. Once we commence your project, we will establish a project page and share the link with you. This is where we will showcase your samples and gather your feedback.